Korea Goes Global Q&A Session

Published: Oct. 18, 2023

Flyer for info session. Details in article body text.Are you interested in studying abroad in South Korea? Join Professor Tony Robinson for an in-depth Q&A info session on the Korea Goes Global study abroad program! The session will be held on Monday, October 30th, 3:30pm-4:45pm in the PSCI Library, Student Commons Room 3216. Students will have the chance to discover additional details about the trip, learn about opportuities for course credits, meet fellow travelers, and discuss the trip costs. Information will also be provided regarding available study abroad scholarships.

Click here to learn more about the Korea Goes Global study abroad program and be sure to attend this informative info session for more details!

Please contact tony.robinson@ucdenver.edu for additional questions and to RVSP for this event.

Traditional buildings in South Korea