Published: Nov. 14, 2018

As teachers and researchers of politics, the Department of Political Science at the University of Colorado Denver recognizes a broad range of political engagement while unequivocally condemning hateful action and violence. This country is at its best when it remains committed to respect and decency, especially amidst ideological fractures and heated disagreement. Principled debate, civil disobedience, and nonviolent agitation may proceed without denying anyone’s right to exist or belong. In our classrooms, on our campus, and in our communities, we see people of various political backgrounds exemplifying the virtues integral to a democratic and just society.

Such a society is threatened by anyone who targets historically marginalized peoples for exclusion or destruction. We thus oppose efforts by the Trump administration to erase transgender people from legal and social existence, foment xenophobia by militarizing the US-Mexico border, and entertain the unconstitutional termination of birthright citizenship. These actions are deeply concerning, especially in light of recent extremist activity and official stances based on threats and violence. We also condemn the Trump administration’s failure to unequivocally denounce acts of bigotry, hate, and violence, including recent violence against African Americans, Jews, and women.

No one should be targeted with hatred based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, or political orientation. We oppose executive decisions and policies, whether sanctioned by law or not, that amplify the vulnerability of people within the United States and abroad.

We will not allow powerful forces to destroy the values that have defined the best of us. We remain steadfast in our affirmation of the right of the most vulnerable to exist, and dedicate ourselves to building a world in which they may enjoy full soundness of mind, body, and spirit.