Summer Democracy Fellowship with Mike Johnston - Fellowship

Published: May 10, 2018

The Summer Democracy Fellowship (SDF) is an organizing and leadership program designed to elect Mike Johnston and inspire the next generation of leaders to make an impact through the political process.

There are two fellowship sessions, each with a different focus:

  • May 1st – May 31st: Voter Persuasion
  • June 1st – June 26th: Get Out The Vote

Those who want to participate must commit to at least four full-time days, but we encourage you to participate for longer, including up to all eight weeks to deepen your impact. If you join us for more than two weeks, you will have access to additional leadership opportunities.

In addition to on-the-ground outreach, the Summer Democracy Fellowship will provide opportunities to meet with thought-leaders in Mike’s network and to build a strong community and cohort with other Fellows.

The fellowship is unpaid, and we will work with fellows on a case-by-case basis to secure supporter housing if needed; however, we cannot guarantee supporter housing at this time.  

For more information, please email


  • What is the Summer Democracy Fellowship? The SDF is an opportunity to join Team MJ this May and June, for our “final push” before the primary election on June 26th. It is open to all Mike supporters who can commit to full-time (or nearly-FT) work for four or more days during the months of May and/or June 2018 here in Colorado.
  • What will Fellows be doing day-to-day? Fellows will be in the field, interfacing with Colorado voters. In May, Fellows will be responsible for sharing Mike’s vision for Colorado and proposed policies and educating voters about the voting process; during this time Fellows will be speaking with both Mike supporters and undecided voters. In June, Fellows will lead our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, encouraging MJ supporters to submit their ballots or get to the polls.
  • What are the daily times fellows would be needed? TBD, though this work is expected to be full-time.
  • Is this a paid opportunity? The SDF is unpaid. The campaign will provide some perks - meals, fun gatherings, etc.
  • What are the available housing options for those of us coming from out of state? We are working to secure supporter housing in the form of a spare bedroom, basement, mother-in-law, etc. Housing will be limited, so please be sure to communicate if this is a necessity for you.
  • I can't commit to full-time work, but I want to help...what can I do? Let us know you want to help! We will most likely call on you for random needs and/or events throughout the spring, and again for our GOTV efforts.
  • Why should I choose the SDF over other opportunities? Mike is running a totally grassroots campaign - we are the only campaign in the Colorado Governor’s race that does not accept PAC/special interest funds and/or is not self-financed. That said, we are reliant on our volunteers and truly cannot do this without help from people like you. Everyone on Team MJ believes deeply in Mike’s vision for Colorado. We know Mike is the best future Governor of Colorado, not only for this beloved purple state of ours, but because we know he will lead Colorado in becoming the national model of what is possible, thus encouraging other states to follow suit on critical issues such as education, healthcare, gun safety, and environmental conservation and protection. The SDF is an opportunity make a true difference - and make some good friends. We would love to have you join us.

Be a Part of the Movement in Colorado

Mike Johnston, teacher and school leader, small business owner, and Colorado State Senator is running for Governor of Colorado. 

Mike started his career as a high school teacher in rural Mississippi through Teach For America, then went on to be a transformational school principal at some of the toughest schools in Colorado. Along the way he wrote an acclaimed book (In the Deep Heart's Core), founded multiple education non-profits, was a top advisor to President Obama, and for the last seven years, achieved historic bipartisan results as a Colorado State Senator, passing sweeping legislative reform in the areas of environmental protection, economic development, education, immigration and criminal justice. Learn more about Mike’s policies.

With the primary election quickly approaching, Mike needs volunteers like you - from across the state and the country - who believe in his vision: what Colorado needs right now is a leader with the courage to propose bold ideas, the humility to reach across the aisle to build coalitions, and the conviction to make change happen.

Summer Democracy Fellowship

At this time, Mike is building something historic - a Super Team of short-term, full-time Summer Democracy Fellows that will arrive just in time for the final push before the primary election on June 26th. We believe deeply in the power of a team and we can't win without you. Come help a true visionary and bold progressive win one of the most watched governor's races in the nation.

The Summer Democracy Fellowship is open to all students, professionals, and retirees who can commit to full-time Colorado-based work in May and June of 2018, for a duration of 4 days - 8 weeks. Candidates fluent in Spanish and other languages are highly encouraged to apply.

Interested in learning more? If you have questions, please reach out to