Published: March 22, 2018

Upper-Division Distribution Requirements for PSCI majors

Majors need one 4000-level course in American, comparative, and international politics, two political theory courses, one research methods course, and an internship, as well as three PSCI electives. 

When a course falls into two categories, a student must select one category or another, not both.

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Research Methods

PSCI 2011 Logic of Inquiry

American Politics

PSCI 4002 Elections 2018

PSCI 4014 Media and Politics

PSCI 4024 State Politics: Focus Colorado

PSCI 4236 American Foreign Policy

PSCI 4457 American Political Thought

PSCI 4477 Constitutional Law I

PSCI 4545 Immigration Politics

Comparative Politics

PSCI 4002 Indigenous Women and Politics

PSCI 4105 Comparative Politics: Europe

PSCI 4146 Indigenous Politics

PSCI 4165 Islamic Politics and Culture

PSCI 4248 Gender, Globalization, and Development

PSCI 4807 Political Violence

International Politics

PSCI 4146 Indigenous Politics

PSCI 4156 Arab-Israeli Peace Process

PSCI 4206 Social Movements, Democracy, and Global Politics

PSCI 4215 Women’s Rights, Human Rights: Global Perspectives

PSCI 4236 American Foreign Policy

Political Theory

PSCI  4407 Early Political Thought

PSCI 4457 American Political Thought

PSCI 4564 Gender and Politics

Experiential Learning/Internships 

PSCI 3075 Community Organizing and Development

PSCI 3939 Individual Internship [please contact a sponsoring faculty member