Requirements are (with individual course semester hours in parentheses):

Introductory Lecture and Lab Sequence                                       10 semester hours

PHYSICS 2010 (4), 2030 (1)(lab) , 2020 (4), and 2040  (1)(lab) (algebra-based)


PHYSICS 2311 (4), 2321 (1)(lab),  2331 (4), and 2341 (1)(lab) (calculus-based - recommended)

Upper division electives                                                                  6 semester hours minimum

At least 6 semester hours of non-1000 level Physics electives, of which at least 3 must be at a 3000 level or above. Courses may include but are not limited to:

PHYS 2811 (4) Modern Physics (Calculus Required)

PHYS 3050 (3) General Astronomy II

PHYS 3070 (3) Physical Cosmology

PHYS 3082 (3) Energy and the Environment

PHYS 3620 (3) Sound and Music

To qualify for the minor, students must maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA, no grade below a C can be used to meet these requirements. There is a 6-hour minimum residency requirement.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Physics advisor, meet physics faculty engaged in Pure & Applied Physics research, attend departmental seminars, and explore ways that Physics relates to research undertaken by faculty in other disciplines.

For more information, contact:

Clyde Zaidins (Physics advisor)

Office: North Classroom 3123B