​New Scholarship for Out-of-State Students Enrolled in Online Courses to Replace Tuition Discount

Beginning Spring 2012, the way the University of Colorado Denver charges tuition will change for out-of-state students in undergraduate online classes. Non-resident UCD students without a Colorado mailing address will be eligible for a scholarship when taking online classes.

In previous semesters, out-of-state students eligible for tuition discounts were expected to enroll in a specific section of an online class. This created confusion for students because it was not always clear which sections were specifically created for out-of-state students. We have decided to eliminate this extra step for our undergraduate online classes, and automate the out-of-state discount in the form of a scholarship for eligible students.

If you enroll in an online section, your tuition rate will include two lines on your bill: an out-of-state tuition rate and a scholarship for out-of-state students enrolling in online class sections. The net cost to you (the student) will be a discounted tuition rate, roughly equivalent to 56% of the normal out-of-state tuition rate.

All you have to do is enroll in the online section. You won't have to apply for the scholarship--all of that will be taken care of for you. The scholarship will be automatically applied to your student bill as soon as eligibility and enrollment are confirmed.​


​Who is eligible?

You are eligible for this scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

  • Non-Resident status
  • No Colorado mailing address
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate-level online class

When will I find out exactly what tuition will be charged to me?

Remember, the tuition line on your bill will reflect regular non-resident tuition rates. The university is working out details that will enable us to finalize the exact amount of the scholarship sometime in January, but this amount will also appear on your tuition bill as a second line, which will decrease the total amount you owe for the online course by about half.

Do I have to do anything to apply or ensure my eligibility?

No! We will apply the scholarships to ALL eligible students' bills automatically. You don't have to do a thing.

What do I do if the scholarship doesn't appear on my bill?

Because this is a new process, there may be rare instances when the scholarship amount does not appear on your initial bill. Don't worry--your bill will be updated and you will be reimbursed for any amount paid above the discounted rate.

Will there still be a limited number of seats set aside for eligible students in each section?

No, we are no longer limiting the number of seats for out-of-state students. Eliminating the extended studies section of each course will mean that all students, resident and non-resident, will enroll in the same section of the class. The total enrollment limit on each class will be the only limit that will apply. When the total enrollment limit is reached, the class will be closed to additional enrollment. If you are able to enroll in an open section of an online class, the scholarship will be applied to your tuition bill, regardless of the total number of eligible students enrolled.​