Students must declare a major by the time they have completed 60 semester hours of course work. A total of 36 semester hours must be completed for the philosophy major, at least 18 of which must be taken at the Downtown Campus. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in each course. For those students who qualify for and fulfill the requirements for graduation with honors, a total of at least 39 hours is required. A total of 18 upper-division semester hours are required for the major, and no more than 6 hours below the 3000 level may be counted toward the major. Courses taken at other institutions must be approved by an advisor in the Department of Philosophy to be applied toward the major.

Unless otherwise noted, registration for 4000-level courses in philosophy require a minimum grade of C (2.0) in every prior philosophy course and completion of at least PHIL 3002 or PHIL 3022 or permission of instructor.

Program Requirements -- Philosophy Major

Required Courses
  • PHIL 3002 - Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PHIL 3022 - Modern Philosophy (It is recommended, but not required, that PHIL 3002 be taken before PHIL 3022)
  • PHIL 3440 - Introduction to Symbolic Logic  OR  PHIL 2441 - Logic, Language and Scientific Reasoning
  • PHIL 4760 - Kant

    Total: 12 Hours

Subject Area Courses (all are UPPER DIVISION courses)
  • One course in social/political philosophy
  • One course in ethics 
  • One course in Continental philosophy 
  • One course in EITHER American or analytic philosophy 
  • One course with specific focus in the history of philosophy (may be fulfilled by a course in a single figure)

    Total: 15 Hours

Electives (choose three)
  • One upper-division elective (may include courses from previous lists that are not counted toward those requirements) 
  • Two electives at any level. Can include PHIL 1012 Introduction to Philosophy. No more than 6 hours in Religious Studies courses.

    Total: 9 Hours

Major Total: 36 Hour


3 to 6 semester hours taken over two semesters of:

  • ​PHIL 4950 - Honors Thesis