Designed for Advanced Undergraduate Philosophy Majors

4+1 Program

Earn your Master’s Degree in Humanities (Philosophy and Theory track) in as little as 1 year of graduate study in our combined undergraduate + Masters Degree Program


The 4+1 accelerated Master’s program in Philosophy is an expedited program of study that allows students to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (B.A.) and a Master’s degree in Humanities (M.H. degree, Philosophy and Theory Track) in as little as five years. 

Majors in either Philosophy or International Studies are invited to apply to the program.

High-achieving undergraduates can apply to the program any time after achieving Junior standing.

Benefit From

  • Award-winning research faculty in areas of Philosophy including Ancient, American, Modern, Kant, Heidegger, Continental, Analytic, Feminism, Ethics, Social Justice, and more.
  • Interdisciplinary courses within the Masters of Humanities and Social Science degree
  • Completing 15 of 30 required credits concurrently with undergraduate studies
  • Enhanced Career Prospects with a Master’s Degree
  • Guided Research with Faculty Mentor
  • Advanced preparation for further degree work, including the Ph.D. in Philosophy

More About the Program

Upon acceptance, students are allowed to take some graduate-level courses during their remaining semesters of undergraduate study. Up to defined limits, such classes may count BOTH towards satisfying requirements of the BA major and the MH Master’s in Humanities.  Ideally arranged, a student could take 5 dual-counted courses so that by the time of BA completion. They are approximately half-way done with their graduate degree. This program is intended for outstanding undergraduate Philosophy majors who have demonstrated graduate-level academic skills and can do graduate-quality work as undergraduates.

How do I Apply?

Application Requirements

  • Philosophy major with at least junior status
  • Individual meeting with Philosophy advisor
  • Transcript of coursework taken
  • A statement of purpose
  • A writing sample
  • Names of two CU Denver Philosophy professors as reference
  • Standardized test scores (e.g., GRE) are not required.

Admission Deadline:

  • November 1 – Spring Semester
  • April 1 – Summer Semester
  • May 1 – Fall Semester

Interested or have questions?

Mark Tanzer
p: (303) 315-7223