Philosophy and Theory

The Philosophy and Theory Track in the Master of Humanities Program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to studying philosophy, critical theory, and related theories of criticism and analysis in various Humanities disciplines. Students who pursue this concentration may focus their coursework variously in philosophy, social theory, literary theory and criticism, cultural criticism, intellectual history, and political theory. In this track, students develop analytic skills that allow them to integrate knowledge and modes of thinking that reflect the demands of critical inquiry.

Target Audience
By combining philosophical theory and critical thinking in one interdisciplinary track, students will be prepared to pursue advanced academic or professional degrees, secondary and higher education teaching, careers in art and literature, criticism, law, media and other careers with demand for critical thinking.

Suggested Advisors:

English: Dr. Gillian Silverman
English: Dr. Michelle Comstock
MH:  Dr. Margaret Woodhull, Dr. Lorna Hutchison
MSS: Dr. Omar Swartz
Philosophy: Dr. Robert Metcalf, Dr. Boram Jeong 
Sociology: Dr. Keith Guzik
WGST: Dr. Lorna Hutchison

Master of Humanities Core Requirements

HUMN 5025 Foundations and Theories in Interdisciplinary Humanities (offered every fall)
HUMN 5013 Methods and Practices of Interdisciplinary Studies (offered every spring)
HUMN 5924 Directed Research and Readings in Interdisciplinary Humanities

Philosophy and Theory Track Requirements
In addition to the program’s core required courses, the following are required:
One 3-credit Philosophy or theory course approved by program director (see below),
A minimum of 15-credit hours of Philosophy- or Theory-related elective courses, and
A final project (3-credit hours) or thesis (6-credit hours) on Philosophy- or Theory-related topic.

Suggested Elective Courses for the Track
Below is a list of pre-approved courses for the track. Be aware that it is not comprehensive and that departments change their offerings regularly. Always check with the department to see when a given course might be scheduled. Also check with your MHMSS Program advisor to discuss additional course oppurtunities.

ANTH 6103 Current Theory in Ethnography
COMM 5111 Theories of Leadership
ENGL 5420 Film Theory and Criticism
ENGL 5735 Philosophy and Literature
ANTH 6103 Current Theory in Ethnography
ENGL 5420 Film Theory and Criticism
ENGL 5735 Philosophy and Literature
HIST 5306 Survey of Feminist Thought
HUMN 5013 Methods and Practices of Graduate Interdisciplinary Humanities
HUMN 5020 Foundations and Theories in Interdisciplinary Social Science
HUMN 5720 Sexuality, Gender and Visual Representations
HUMN 5984 Topics: Interdisciplinary Humanities
PHIL 5040 Skepticism
PHIL 5101 Pragmatism: Classical American Philosophy 
PHIL 5220 Art, Beauty, and Aesthetic Criticism: Philosophy of Art
PHIL 5242 Medicine, Health Care, and Justice: Bioethics
PHIL 5260 Why Obey the Law? Introduction to Philosophy of Law
PHIL 5300 Mind, Body, and Consciousness: Philosophy of Mind 
PHIL 5600 Questioning Religious Belief and Practice: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 5655 Differing Concepts of God 
PHIL 5730 Philosophy and Literature 
PHIL 5750 Introduction to Phenomenology 
PHIL 5770 Hegel 
PHIL 5780 Heidegger 
PHIL 5790 Nietzsche 
PHIL 5795 Marx & Marxism
PHIL 5800 Plato 
PHIL 5810 Aristotle 
PHIL 5820 Hume 
PHIL 5830 Kant: Freedom, Reality, and the Mind
PHIL 5833 Existentialism 
PHIL 5900 John Dewey 
PHIL 5920 Philosophy of Media and Technology 
PHIL 5933 Philosophy of Eros
PSCI 5206 Social Movements, Democracy, and Global Politics
PSCI 5457 American Political Thought
RLST 5060 Questioning Religious Belief and Practice: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
SOCY 5016 Social Theory
WGST 5306 Survey of Feminist Thought
WGST 6010 Methods and Theories of Feminism and Gender Studies

For more information about this or any track within the Master of Humanities or Social Science degrees, contact:
Dr. Omar Swartz, MH/MSS Director: or
Dr. Lorna Hutchison, MH/MSS Assistant Director:
Office: Student Commons Building, 3203
Phone: 303-315-3565