About Us

The Master of Humanities and the Master of Social Science are two distinct degree plans that offer students the opportunity to individually tailor their studies to meet their needs and interests. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students develop a unique plan of studies by combining fields, such as History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Film, Women's and Gender Studies, Public Policy, American Studies, Fine Arts, Sociology, Literature, Anthropology, Communications, Political Science, and Economics.

Our degree programs are designed for part-time or full time students whose professional and personal obligations require a program that is flexible.

Why Interdisciplinary Studies? 

While most colleges and universities are organized around traditional disciplines, academic institutions are increasingly recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary research in an emerging global economy and culture. By approaching knowledge and learning through an interdisciplinary model, students integrate and synthesize the methods, tools, theories and concepts of diverse disciplines to tackle questions and research from new angles. By bringing together sometimes disparate and contrasting disciplines, new possibilities for dialog and interaction arise that can address the complex questions and issues that characterize the world today.

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