Study Abroad - Spanish Valladolid


Take a look at this video  we made last year of students who studied abroad with us


Amanda Ritchie, our program director, has directed this program in Spain for 7 years. She directed the program at the University of Akron for four years before coming to CU, and has now done the trip for 3 years here at CU. These two videos, Holly and Garrett, are from 2 CU students, who went during the summer of 2016. They give details on their experience and impressions of Spain. Then this video was taken during the 2013 program at The University of Akron. All of the scenes are from places that you’ll visit on the trip and all of the students interviewed are her UA students. It’ll give you an idea of what the trip is like and what the students felt that they got out of studying abroad. Finally, if you’re debating on whether or not to study abroad, here is a link with some useful stats about students who have studied abroad!



You will receive 6 2000 or 3000-level SPAN credits for 1 month in Spain
  • If you have completed 1020, you will get credit for 2110 and then 3 credit hours of 2995 travel study.
  • If you have completed 2110, you will get credit for 2120 and then 3 credit hours of 3995.
  • If you have completed 2120 or above, you will get credit 3 credit hours of 3995 and 3 credit hours of 3999.

Spanish Minors – 3995 & 3999 count as 2 of the 5 classes you need for the minor

Spanish Majors – 3995 counts as a Culture & Civilization course and 3999 counts as a Language Skills & Theory course

If you have not taken a Spanish class yet here at CU. Please go to the lab (Plaza 115) and take the placement test. Then email your score to From there we can tell you what course you would place in to, and what credits you would get while abroad.

The ideal situation is that you enroll in a Spanish class this/next semester. This will 1. prepare you for Spain – the farther you are along in your Spanish studies, the more you will improve while abroad 2. get you closer to getting a minor in Spanish.

In addition, you will get credit for your International Perspectives course after completing this program.


 May 28th -- JUNE 22nd (can stay after the program and travel – southern Spain, Barcelona, Mallorca, other countries in Europe, etc.)


The University of Valladolid (= 3 cr. hrs) Classes will be held Monday through Friday 10 am to 2 pm (Grammar, Conversation and Culture). They will be taught by teachers from Spain, and will have students from the US and other countries studying Spanish as second language. Before the trip, you will take a placement test to place you in the correct level.

CU Course Venga, Vale, Vamos  (= 3 cr. hrs) This course will begin with pre-departure meeting(s) in May will prepare you for your experience abroad through readings, videos, lectures and discussions. You will learn essential information on the customs, values, traditions and behaviors in Spain, and how to adjust to life overseas. While abroad, you will participate in on-site cross-cultural activities with assignments that compliment these experiences. You will keep a language journal, and will have one-on-one oral exams with the professor. In addition, you will write blogs in Spanish based on topics such as your impressions from the excursions and cultural events, comparisons between cultures, and you will also interview a local. Upon return to the U.S, you will complete a final project.

Host Families

All students will stay with a Spanish host family. They will have one roommate from CU. You will be provided 3 meals a day.

Evening & Day-trips

The first Saturday we are there, we will take a trip to Segovia with the University of Valladolid culture teachers. You will tour the city with your professors and learn about its history. Then you will have free time to explore. The following Saturday we will take a day trip up north to Santander, which is on the northern coast of Spain, with a short stop in Santillana de Mar on the way.

As a CU group, we will take an evening trip to Burgos, and then as one of your assignments, you will take the train in groups to the town of Avila.

During the 3rd weekend, as a CU group, we will take a long-weekend trip to Madrid. Here you will have a chance to visit some of the most famous museums in the world including El Prado which houses art by Velazquez and Goya, and then also Reina Sofia, which features Picasso and Dalí. We will also go to see a live Flamenco show. Then the rest of our time there will be free time for you to explore the city.

Our final trip at the end of the program will be to the northern coastal city of San Sebastian. Here you will have free time to explore the city, it’s mountains, and its beaches. It’s the culinary capital of Spain, so trying their famous pinxos is a must. It is also very close to the border of France, so during your time there, you can also go to France for the day.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

This program is considered full time, so can use student loans, grants, etc. If you are planning on using financial aid, make an appointment to talk to a financial aid advisor asap so they can help you plan.  There are many scholarships available to students. Check out the office of Global Education’s website with information


Here is a link to the application through the Office of Global Education’s website.

CLAS informational flyer.

The deadline is mid-February (however, the earlier you apply the better).

Any questions? Please email Amanda @