Director and Advisor:

 I-hao Victor Woo
Office: Department of Modern Languages, Plaza Building 118 V
Telephone: 303-315-7240

Chinese Studies Program

The Minor Program in Chinese Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering specialized study of China and other Chinese speaking regions through coursework in the related disciplines of language and culture, anthropology, history, geography, philosophy, and political science. China's economic and political presence is increasingly prominent in the United States. CU Denver is uniquely positioned to make use of its location as the cultural, economic and political center of the Rocky Mountain region and of its diverse, well trained and highly qualified faculty to offer courses of interdisciplinary studies related to China. Students may choose to focus either on General Chinese Studies or Chinese Language and Culture. On the one hand, General Chinese Studies encourages an interdisciplinary approach of accepting courses from various departments that focus on history, political science, art, philosophy, and more from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. On the other hand, Chinese Language and Culture further develops students’ linguistic competence and cultural awareness. The minor program offers a wide variety and levels of Mandarin Chinese language and culture courses that not only improve students’ communication skills but also give a deeper look into different aspects of Chinese culture.

Chinese Studies Minor Program 汉学辅修

Study Abroad Opportunities

The Minor Program in Chinese Studies also offers a host of study abroad opportunities throughout the academic year and every summer. CU Denver has ongoing programs in Beijing and Taipei, as well as an association with Yunnan University in Kunming. Study abroad programs of five weeks to one year in length may be arranged, and program faculty can help students enroll in intensive Chinese language programs in Taiwan or on the mainland. Students pursuing the minor in Chinese language and area studies are encouraged to complete the program with a period of residence and study in China.

Why Study Chinese?


Requirements for the Minor in Chinese Studies

The minor requires a minimum of 15 credit hours. A minimum of 9 credit hours must be taken from Downtown Denver Campus or ICB campus faculty. Courses taken at other institutions may be applied to the minor but only with approval of a Chinese faculty advisor in the Department of Modern Languages. All courses must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better.  

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • CHIN 1000 – China and the Chinese or CHIN 1071 – Chinese for the Professions and
  • CHIN 2110 – Intermediate Chinese I 

Elective Courses (9 credits minimum)

  • ANTH 4000   Food in China and Beyond 
  • CHIN 2120   Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHIN 2970   Contemporary Chinese Cinema
  • CHIN 3010   Advanced Intermediate Chinese 
  • CHIN 3200   Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture 
  • CHIN 3300   Special Topics on Chinese Film
  • CHIN 4100   Methods of Teaching Chinese Immersion
  • CHIN 4980   Special Topics in Chinese Language
  • COMM 3230   Chinese Communication & Culture in Context 
  • COMM 4430   Communication, China, and the U.S. 
  • COMM 4995   Narratives of the New China 
  • MLNG 4690   Methods of Teaching Modern Languages I
  • MLNG 4691   Methods of Teaching Modern Languages II
  • LING 3100   Language in Society  
  • FINE 4524   Topics in Art History (topics that are related to arts of China)
  • FINE 4750   Arts of China 
  • GEOG 3160   Geography of China 
  • HIST 4420   Traditional China: China to 1600 
  • HIST 4421   Modern China 
  • PSCI 4186   East Asia in World Affairs 
  • PSCI 4615   Politics and Government of China 
  • PSCI 4726   Russian and Chinese Foreign Policy 
  • PHIL 3666   Asian Philosophies and Religions 
  • PHIL 3981   Chinese Philosophy 
  • RLST 3410   Asian Philosophies and Religions
  • RLST 3600   Comparative Religion: Religions of China
New courses may not appear in the course description section of the catalog. Contact the faculty advisor for the most updated information.

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