Past University of Colorado Denver competition participants and awards​ (2004-2009)

MCM and ICM Math Modeling Competitions 
At the University of Colorado at Denver
2009 Contest Dates 
February TBA to February TBA, 2009
See Gary Olson for more information


Year Participant Participant Participant Faculty Advisor Problem Designation Final Paper and Link Invited Conferences
2008 Joeseph Cavalleri Gary Linley Lee Rosenberg Gary Olson   Successful Participant   SIAM Rocky Mountain Regional
2007 Christine Lee Igor Molkov Megaqn Sawyer Gary Olson Organ Transplant Honorable Mention Organ Transplant System MAA Rocky Mountain Regional
2007 Daniel Cavanaugh Nicholas Nassimbene Andrew Shaffer Gary Olson Airplane Seating MERITORIOUS Airplane Modeling MAA Rocky Mountain Regional
2007 Derlin Campbell Lee Rosenberg Lydie Van Holland Lance Lana Airplane Seating MERITORIOUS Airplane Boarding Model SIAM & MAA Rocky Mountain Regional
2006 Leah Grant Michael Morrison Jeremy Noe Gary Olson Sprinkler Systems MERITORIOUS Analysis and Optimization of Hand Moved Sprinkler Systems SIAM Rocky Mountain Regional
2005 Darren Homrighausen Christine Lee Leah Grant Lynn Bennethum Non-Renewable Resources Honorable Mention Modeling the Depletion of the Ozone Layer  
2005 Matt Kaspari Barry O'Reilly Jeremy Noe Michael Jacobson Tollbooths Honorable Mention Relieving Toll Booth Congestion SIAM Rocky Mountain Regional
2005 Matthew Burman Kurt Cordle Jon Stranske Lynn Bennethum Tollbooths Honorable Mention An Optimization Analysis of Toll Booth Queuing SIAM Rocky Mountain Regional
2004 Matt Kaspari Will Mitchell Sarah Williams Bill Briggs To Be Secure or Not To Be Successful Participant Network Security  
2004 Michael Nichols Barry O'Reilly   Bill Briggs  Quick Pass Problem Successful Participant