The purpose of this website is to provide recent and ongoing information for CU Denver Math Clinic section 2 instructed by Prof. Fournier in 2020 spring. (Section 1 is instructed by Prof. Billups.)

Math Clinic provides students with valuable experience applying their knowledge and skills to solving "real-world" problems i.e., those provided by external sponsors from government, industry, non-profit or other organizations.

  • Each sponsor:
    • describes their problem in an initial meeting (live or by video-conference);
    • helps define deliverable outcomes (usually over a few hours' e-mail exchange);
    • contributes to the operational expense of the clinic (TBD);
    • provides data (if appropriate); and then has the options to
      • execute a contract with Statement of Work and specific Deliverables, and
      • interact with a Math Clinic team (3 to 9 graduate or senior undergraduate students to devote at least 180 hours each over the semester) as much or little as suits their needs.
  • Each team learns to:
    • listen to their sponsor;
    • compose a formal Project Proposal for the sponsor to approve;
    • conduct applied research dynamically i.e., without knowing in advance all the mathematical, statistical, computational etc. methods that might be required;
    • learn or refresh those methods partly independently;
    • compose Python code and Jupyter notebooks to analyze the data and solve the problem; and
    • compose a professional-quality Research Report for the sponsor, accompanied by software to reproduce the results.
  • Professor Fournier manages all these activities, drawing upon his experience with various research topics and purposes in academia and industry. He especially focuses on matching sponsor's needs with students' abilities, to ensure all participants are satisfied.

General and historical information about Math Clinic may be found by clicking around this site.