Current Research

Psilocybin Therapy for Advanced Cancer-related Psychiatric Distress (PIs: Fischer & Ross)

This is a double blind RCT examining the impact of single high dose psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for distress and quality of life in advanced cancer patients. Data collection is currently in progress. 

Current students involved:

Cate Pappano

Tamar Parmet

Caroline Harrison (Dr. Everhart’s lab) 

    P1CaLL for Caregivers of Pediatric Cancer Patients Undergoing Phase 1 or 2 Trial.   

    This project has been collecting qualitative and quantitative information from caregivers of pediatric oncology patients who consulted with the Experimental Therapeutics Team in oncology at Children’s ColoradoThe data collection has stalled somewhat due to difficulty recruiting caregivers. Data collection consists of focus groups and interviewsRecruiting monolingual Spanish-speaking caregivers is also a challenge 

    Current student involvement:

    Ezzy Adolf

    Bryan Contreras

    Patient Willingness Towards Psychosocial Support: A Pilot Study with Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Patients

    This is a mixed-methods pilot study in collaboration with FIGHT CRC, a national patient advocacy organization, that attempts to characterize early-onset colorectal cancer patient's instrinc motivation to pursue psychosocial support during their cancer treatment. 

    Current student involvement:

    Tamar Parmet 

    Training Community Health Workers to Address Mental Health and Well-Being 

    We are proposing to develop a mental health curriculum for Community Health Workers (CHW) that builds upon and disseminates our experiences and lessons learned integrating mental health interventions into CHW-led programs to help address health inequities and further advance this important career.

    Current student involvement:

    Bryan Contreras 

    Lizette Sanchez (Dr. Beth Allen) 

    CPC Community Health 

    This group is involved in a variety of community research projects aimed at preventing cardiovascular illness in underserved and vulnerable populations.  The interventions are led by Patient Navigators and trained peers and many of the interventions are delivered in Spanish.  

    Current student involvement:

    Emily Bilenduke (Disseration completed, June 2023)

    Improving the Timeliness and Quality of Care for Rural Lung and Head-and-Neck Cancer Patients. (PI: Borrayo) 

    We propose a RTC that will test the efficacy of a psychosocial intervention for rural and underserved lung cancer and head an neck cancer patientsThe intervention will involve a behavioral intervention delivered by patient navigators aimed at decreasing treatment delays and improving quality of care.  

    Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network

    The goal of the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network is to increase the impact of cancer screening and the health of cancer survivors by accelerating the use and dissemination of evidence-based strategies in high-risk individuals. The CPCRN includes local projects, multisite projects as well as a nationwide CPCRN Scholars program.