Kara Lukin

Ph.D. • Lecturer
Department of Integrative Biology

Office Hours:
By appointment, most days of the week, including non-business hours

Areas of Expertise: 

My content area of expertise and teaching focus are in immunology (and introduction to biology outside of UC, Denver).

My interests in science education focus on creating more engaging, active learning approaches that increase equity and inclusion in learning and in the learning community. Currently, I am evaluating the contributions of Flip video assignments through qualitative and quantitative measures. Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a free, simple video recording and sharing app with a desktop version (https://info.flip.com/). Students in Introduction to Immunology create individual and group Flip videos that generate a shared collection of reference videos available to all students for content clarification and self-assessment


Examples of Student videos:

Group video about MHC class I

Student video: NK cells - Missing Self with student's unique analogies and drawings as visual aids

Student Video: 3 steps to activate T cells with student's animated drawings as visual aid

Student video: Innate vs adaptive immune response with Venn diagram as visual aid

Student video: Positive and negative selection of thymocytes with student's handwritten text as whiteboard

Student video: Linear and conformational epitopes with text as visual aid