Julie Byle
Ph.D. • 2019 • Hartley Lab
Department of Integrative Biology

Interests: Julie is a doctoral fellow with the National Science Foundation and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Her research meets at the intersection of natural resources and human dimensions of aquatic ecology for science driven and culturally contextual education and place-based management. She has extensive background experience in both fresh and saltwater field and laboratory work, designing, managing, and evaluating formal and informal K-12 science education programs, as well as conducting community ethnographic research through oral histories and leading community action projects. She is passionate about the power of place and how historical ecology and intergenerational learning leads to environmental stewardship. Julie holds a Bachelors in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a concentration in Ichthyology, a Masters in STEM Education and Learning Science, and is completing her PhD in Integrative and Systems Biology.