Tiffany Gentry Master's Degree Thesis Defense

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Congratulations to Tiffany for successfully defending your Master's Degree Thesis!

Tiffany has accepted a position as a botanist for a consulting firm in Denver.

Tiffany Gentry

Master’s Degree Candidate
Dr. Jennifer Ackerfield & Dr. Leo P. Bruederle’s Lab
CU Denver Department of Integrative Biology

When: Thursday, November 16, 2023 @ 11:00 a.m.
Where: Denver Botanic Gardens, Freyer-Newman Center, Classroom 1

 Also Via Zoom: please email Jacki Craig for Zoom Link

"Allopolyploid origin of Eutrema edwardsii: determining diploid progenitors"

Polyploidization has been a critical force in the diversification of flowering plants. Allopolyploidy, involving hybridization coupled with whole genome duplication, results in offspring having the complete diploid chromosome complements of each parent. I present research on the progenitor-derivative relationship between Eutrema edwardsii and the federally listed Colorado endemic Eutrema penlandii, a diploid species from which E. edwardsii is highly disjunct. My research presents an additional 1-2 diploid progenitors for tetraploid and hexaploid populations of E. edwardsii. The goal of my research is to further document phylogenetic relationships among the diploid species of Eutrema, while providing additional insight into the allopolyploid origin of E. edwardsii.

Everyone is welcome to attend.