Alyssa Brostowitz MS Thesis Defense

Department of Integrative Biology
Graduate Thesis Defense

Leopard Gecko photo

CONGRATULATIONS to Alyssa Brostowitz who successfully defended her MS Thesis on April 11th! Alyssa is a MS student in Dr. Carlos Infante's lab.  Alyssa has accepted an offer for a position as a Scientific Writer for  Inotivin in Westminster following her graduation this Spring Semester.  Congratulations Alyssa!



Alyssa Brostowitz

Master’s Degree Candidate
Dr. Carlos Infante Lab
CU Denver Department of Integrative Biology

When: April 11, 2023
Where: Zoom at 3:00pm (MST)
Please email Jacki Craig ( for the Zoom Link

Identifying Limb Enhancers in Eublepharis macularius Genome

Limblessness is observable in squamate reptiles, making them an attractive group to study regarding limb development. Limb development has many factors, specifically genes and active enhancers that dictate how and where limb development occurs. Many of the genes involved in limb development are also involved in the development of other structures, at the same or at different timepoints in embryonic development. Using Chromatin Immunoprecipitation and sequencing allows us to identify active limb enhancers in leopard gecko our model squamate organism. This defense will highlight the outcomes of ChIP-seq on some early stages of embryonic limb development in leopard geckos and how bioinformatics allows us to process sequencing results.