Published: June 7, 2022

The College of Liberal Arts and Science (CLAS) recognizes Outstanding Master’s and Doctoral students. Applicants are nominated by the Department of Integrative Biology and automatically drawn from the Integrative Biology Excellence Awards (see details above). CLAS Outstanding Student Awards are competitive across the College. 

Eligibility: Students must be enrolled in an Integrative Biology graduate program and eligible to graduate in the semester they are nominated. 

Application and required documents: A nominating letter from the department, a clear statement by the student detailing accomplishments and plans for the future, a current resume or curriculum vitae, a transcript, additional supporting letters from faculty members (optional); and where applicable, FCQs for teaching. Additional supporting letters and other materials may be included.  

Deadline: 9/6/2022 and 1/30/2023 

Evaluation criteria: Applications will be evaluated on research and teaching, including publications, grants, as well as service to community or profession and based on this rubric.