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ESA Selects 2021 Graduate Student Policy Award Recipients

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is honored to announce the Katherine S. McCarter Graduate Student Policy Award (GSPA) 2021 cohort. This award provides graduate students with the opportunity to receive policy and communication training before they meet lawmakers.

ESA selected 23 students to receive the award: Evelyn M. Beaury (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Gabriel R. Chavez (University of Colorado Denver), Daniel J. Desautels (Emory University), Brooke Eastman (West Virginia University), Emily A. Geest (Oklahoma State University), Sara L. Hamilton (Oregon State University), Katherine Hayes (University of Colorado Denver), Julia L. Indivero (University of Washington), M. Inam Jameel (University of Georgia), Sarah M. Klionsky (University of Connecticut), Jasmine Kreig (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Michael W.D. McCloy (Texas A&M University), Zechariah Meunier (Oregon State University), Micah C. Miles (University of Georgia), Zachary J. Miller (University of Missouri), Castilleja F. Olmsted (University of Pittsburgh), Melinda Paduani (Florida International University), Aradhana J. Roberts (Lund University), Milica Radanovic (Washington State University), Kate Ritzel (George Mason University), Gregor-Fausto Siegmund (Cornell University) and Jewel Tomasula (Georgetown University).  Read more...