Dr. Jane Stewart photo Dr. Jane Stewart
Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Biology
Colorado State University

WHEN:  Jan. 29, 2021 at Noon
WHERE: Seminar will be presented via Zoom

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Characterizing genetic and phenotypic diversity and spread of an invasive pathogen as climates change

Phellinus noxius (Corner) G. H. Cunn is a vastly destructive, fast-growing pathogen that affects a wide range of woody hosts in pan-tropical areas, including Asia, Australia, Africa, and Oceania. This invasive pathogen causes brown root-rot disease on cacao, coffee, and rubber, as well as diverse fruit, nut, ornamental, and other native/exotic trees, and little host specificity is known to occur. We discuss genetic diversity and evolutional history of P. noxius populations worldwide to assess the evolutionary origins and worldwide movement of this potentially invasive pathogen. We also examine potential ecological and genetic differences within populations of P. noxius, as predicted suitable climate space (the geographic area that is climatically suitable for a particular species’ survival) for P. noxius genetic groups using bioclimatic models. This work strives develop strategies to inhibit the spread of this aggressive pathogen and works to contribute to the development of management strategies.

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