Dr. Matthew Johnson photoDR. MATTHEW JOHNSON
Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences
Texas Tech University    

WHEN:  Nov. 20th, 2020 at Noon
WHERE: Seminar will be presented via Zoom
Zoom Meeting
https://ucdenver.zoom.us/j/91048440693  Meeting ID: 910 4844 0693


Plant biodiversity and target capture sequencing: new tools enable new research questions

Advancements in high-throughput DNA sequencing have enabled new questions in biodiversity science not previously tractable in non-model organisms. In particular, targeted sequencing generates data from hundreds of genes at low per-sample costs, and universal probe sets reduce development costs while enhancing repeatability. While many research groups have used target capture sequencing for phylogenetic studies, there has been comparatively little new research using it at and below the species level. Part of the challenge has been the need to develop and adapt bioinformatics tools, many of which have been developed for model organisms, to work with non-model plant species. In this talk I will focus on the applications of these new molecular and computational tools to two research projects: the identification of cryptic hybrid species in a widespread moss genus, and the use of target capture sequences for conservation genomics in entire ecosystems of flowering plants.

Everyone is welcome to join the seminar, please see the Zoom link above.