Richard Jones M.S. Thesis Defense

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Richrd Jones
Integrative Biology M.S. Candidate in Dr. Paula Cushing’s Lab

WHEN:  Nov. 10th, 2020 at 10:00a
WHERE: Seminar will be presented via Zoom

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 92302850322





An empirical evaluation of traditional taxonomic characters in North American solifuges / Indications of site fidelity in solifuges at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Phylogenetic trees provide robust, evolutionary hypotheses to evaluate the reliability of morphological characters traditionally used in taxonomy and species delimitation. Using a previously published phylogeny of family Eremobatidae, the reliability of a prolific taxonomic character called ctenidia is re-assessed by using empirical measurements of phylogenetic signal, intraspecific variation, and ancestral state reconstruction estimates. An examination of ctenidia morphology to determine a putative biological function was also performed. Lastly, a mark-and-recapture study at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge indicates that native solifuge species exhibit site fidelity, which has fascinating implications for their biology.

Everyone is welcome to join the seminar, please see the Zoom link above.