Dr. Anya Brown diving photo


Dr. Anya Brown
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Postdoctoral Fellow

WHEN:  Oct. 9th, 2020 at Noon
WHERE: Seminar will be presented via Zoom

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 910 4844 0693




Microbially-mediated species interactions and the extended phenotype

Ecologists have begun to appreciate the wide-reaching associations between organisms and microbes, such as humans and our gut microbiota, or plants and roots microbiota. As we continue to understand these microbial associations, we should consider microbial assemblages in the concept of phenotypes (microbial communities as traits) that can change in response to environmental stimuli. Among the increasingly best-studied holobionts (hosts + microbes) are corals. With my research, I reveal hidden patterns in community and host-microbial ecology, to help better understand how species respond to stressors and the implications these have for ecology and conservation. This seminar will focus on how microbes mediate interactions between their host and other members of the community on coral reefs and the implications these species interactions have for the extended phenotype.

Everyone is welcome to join the seminar, please see the Zoom link above.