Published: May 15, 2020

Matthew MitchellMatthew Mitchell, a student worker in Dr. Chris Phiel’s lab, has chosen to attend Harvard Medical School in the fall of 2020.  Matthew received letters of acceptance from several institutions including, The Mayo Clinic, University of Colorado, University of Pittsburg, Creighton University, University of Minnesota, and the MD/PhD program at the University of Cincinnati.

Matthew hasn’t decided which direction he wants his career to take right now but, he knows he wants to do something surgical/intervention and is leaning towards neurosurgery or interventional radiology.  He knows that he wants to work closely with patients, as they have been his motivation to pursue medicine in the first place.  He is also interested in community outreach focused on increasing early exposure to science among disadvantaged and minority youth.

Matthew has worked in Dr. Phiel’s lab since he was a freshman and will graduate this Spring semester.

Congratulations Matthew from the Integrative Biology Department, we wish you the best on your future endeavors!