Published: Dec. 12, 2019

Four times a year, CU Denver General Biology II laboratory students help collect and identify photo data from 40 wildlife trap cameras in the Denver metro area. These data are contributed to the Urban Wildlife Information Network. Dr. Laurel Hartley(Associate Professor with CU Denver Integrative Biology) and Chelsea Beebe, (former graduate student in Dr. Michael Wunder's lab) attended the Urban Wildlife Information Network Summit November 3-6 in Chicago, Illinois. The conference brought researchers and land managers from over 30 cities together to discuss urban wildlife. Chelsea now works as a biologist for the Jefferson County Open Space, which is one of the locations for the wildlife trap cameras.

Dr. Hartley also served on a panel for the CU Boulder Center for Sustainable Landscapes and Communities at The Prairie Dog Forum meeting that occurred on December 4th. Dr. Hartley was one of four experts weighing in on the role of prairie dogs on the urban Front Range. Over 130 stakeholders (e.g., residents, farmers, land managers, scientists) attended the event including Chelsea Beebe!


Dr. Laurel Hartley

Dr. Laurel Hartley


Chelsea Beebe

Chelsea Beebee