Published: Nov. 15, 2019

Event Information

Who: Dr. Tina Reis

What: 2019 Fall Seminar Series

When: Friday, Nov. 22nd at Noon

Where: NC 3202

Dr. Tania Reis photo





Tânia Reis, PhD

Associate Professor
University of Colorado, Medical School
Department of Medicine Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes

“How flies get fat: from genes to neurons:”

Preventing obesity requires a precise balance between deposition into and mobilization from fat stores, but regulatory mechanisms are incompletely understood. Drosophila Split ends (Spen) is the founding member of a conserved family of RNA-binding proteins involved in transcriptional regulation and frequently mutated in human cancers. We find that manipulating Spen expression alters larval fat levels in a cell-autonomous manner. Spen-depleted larvae had defects in energy liberation from stores, including starvation sensitivity and major changes in the levels of metabolic enzymes and metabolites, particularly those involved in β-oxidation. Spenito, a small Spen family member, counteracted Spen function in fat regulation. Finally, mouse Spen and Spenito transcript levels scaled directly with body fat in vivo, suggesting a conserved role in fat liberation and catabolism. This study demonstrates that Spen is a key regulator of energy balance and provides a molecular context to understand the metabolic defects that arise from Spen dysfunction.

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