Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology Brian Buma

Integrating Subjective and Objective Dimensions of Resilience in Fire-Prone Landscapes 

Land managers, fire scientists, and sociologists evaluate the best way to manage and think about resilience in an increasingly flammable world.

Philip E Higuera Alexander L Metcalf Carol Miller Brian Buma David B McWethyElizabeth C Metcalf Zak Ratajczak Cara R Nelson Brian C Chaffin Richard C Stedman Sarah McCaffrey Tania Schoennagel Brian J Harvey Sharon M HoodCourtney A Schultz Anne E Black David Campbell Julia H Haggerty Robert E KeaneMeg A Krawchuk Judith C Kulig Rebekah Rafferty Arika Virapongse

BioScience, Volume 69, Issue 5, May 2019, Pages 379–388,

Published: 08 May 2019