Jeremy is an expert in Geographic Information Systems & Science, Spatial Data Infrastructures, Crowd-Sourcing & data quality and Planetary science data & information systems. He has worked as a Research Fellow and instructor in University College London (UCL). This work included the UK Natural Environmental Research Council’s Terrestrial Initiative on Global Environmental Research (TIGER), studying the role of Remote Sensing and mapping in providing data on land hydrological systems for use in climate modeling. Later, he worked as Course Director and Tutor for the University of London M.Sc. in Geographic Information Science. In 2004, he switched to coordinate the UCL’s new undergraduate course (B.Eng./M.Eng.) in Geospatial and Environmental Information Management. His research interests include the greater integration and use of GIS within remote sensing, geographic and geological research projects, and in particular the better integration of scientific modeling with GIS; provision of GIS analysis via the Internet; use of GIS and remote sensing for analysis of the urban environment; and satellite-based techniques, especially synthetic aperture radar. In integrating modeling and GIS, his interests include the emerging Grid supercomputing resources to combine models and earth observation data in real-time from across the world. Since October 2007 he has been the UK academic representative to EuroSDR which co-ordinates research between 17 of the national mapping and cadastre agencies (NMCAs) of Europe. He is a well-known participant in the FOSS4G community in Europe and around the world.