I have been responsible for a broad range of activities including data acquisition, geoprocessing, analysis, planning, cartographic map production, managing enterprise GIS systems, and most recently setting up national level geospatial projects at the USGS.

As a GIS Analyst at Parsons Engineering, I specialized in coordinating GIS projects and staff activities on large environmental projects. This included project design, data integration, and vector or raster analysis work for Badlands Bombing Range, Lowry Landfill, Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, and work on General Management Plans for various National Park Service sites. As a GIS Database Analyst at the Town of Castle Rock, I took a leadership role in designing, integrating, and managing an enterprise GIS. I coordinated project staff activities to transition from a coverage-based GIS system to a geodatabase model in SDE SQL Server. I also managed the town’s map visualization software, ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server, and implemented data processing from field to enterprise GIS and into web mapping applications in the same day. I took on a leadership role by coordinating efforts between GIS users in different departments to reduce data redundancy, and creating efficiencies in business processes by integrating spatial and tabular databases. Since joining the USGS – NGTOC in 2008, I have initiated and managed several national level projects, represented the Transportation Group as a point of contact and reestablished The National Map Corps after its closure in 2008. In all projects I coordinate activities of staff and create new processes and techniques to integrate new vector databases into The National Map.