Certificate in Cultural Diversity Studies

The Undergraduate Certificate in Cultural Diversity Studies is designed to appeal to undergraduate students with a background in any major. It will allow students to demonstrate to potential employers that they possess the multicultural skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the workplace. Students will enroll in department courses that focus on the historical context in which race and culture have emerged in the United States. 

This certificate is also targeted to non-degree-seeking professionals who seek to acquire multicultural knowledge and the skills necessary to ensure their success in professional environments. Students will be encouraged to think critically about race and race relations. Their expanded understandings of the implications of race and culture in work environments will ensure employers that they offer the highest quality employees opportunities in employment or advancement.

A certificate in cultural diversity studies offers students an enduring intellectual value based on classic articles, book excerpts, and scholars who have shaped the study and understanding of race and ethnicity in contemporary society. Our courses provide the opportunity for students to encounter many of the greatest thinkers in race and ethnicity firsthand. Course curriculum includes carefully edited selections from the works of the most distinguished observers of race and ethnicity, past and present. Students will appreciate the broad range of coverage, the logic of course organization, and the accessibility of material covered.

Requirements: 12 credit hours total (four courses)

Required Course:

  • ETST 2000, Introduction to Ethnic Studies (three credit hours)

Electives (nine credits total)

Students choose three courses from any Ethnic Studies Department courses, including the following:

  • ETST 2155, African American History (three credit hours) 
  • ETST 2294, Race and the Media (three credit hours) 
  • ETST 3254, Race and Ethnicity in the Inner City (three credit hours) 
  • ETST 3297, Social History of Asian Americans (three credit hours) 
  • ETST 3396, History of the American Indian (three credit hours) 
  • ETST 3704, Culture, Racism, and Alienation (three credit hours) 
  • ETST 4558, Chicano and Latino Politics (three credit hours) 

Cross-Listed Courses 

There are cross-listed courses in several other departments, including history, political science and sociology. Any cross-listed course is acceptable. You must register for it under an ETST number. See the courses page of this site for a complete listing of department offerings and cross-listed courses. 

Grade and Residency Requirements 

A minimum grade of B- must be earned in each of the four courses completed as part of the certificate. All credits for the certificate must be earned at the Downtown Campus.

Application Procedure 

Students who have completed the required coursework can then complete an application for the certificate. Once an academic advisor reviews the student's transcripts, the certificate will be processed and mailed or scheduled for pick up.