CU Denver campus is providing reading spaces and events hosted by different offices and units of the campus to make space for reading groups. Below are some of the links to register for upcoming campus reading and events:


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Friday, September 17th

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Bystander Intervention in Public



Monday, October 4th

Doors 6:30 pm

Performance 7 pm

Concert to Support More Equitable Opportunities for Young Artists 

 Driven by the shared belief that every child deserves the opportunity to develop a creative life, the University of Colorado Denver’s College of Arts & Media, Colorado Symphony, Redline Contemporary Arts Center, and Awadagin Pratt invite patrons to join us in creating greater access to artistic life by making a contribution of any size to CU Denver’s LYNX National Arts & Media Camps. 

King Center Concert Hall on the Auraria Campus
855 Lawrence Way
Denver, CO 80204


Additionally, the College of Arts & Media (CAM) is delighted to host Pratt as visiting artist October 3-6th, during which time he will collaborate with faculty and students to create a work of crypto art (NFT), as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). The project is designed to illuminate opportunities for building a more equitable and just society. 

Thursday, October 14th

11:00 AM- 1:30 PM

I Love My Undocuqueer People Tivoli Turnhalle
Friday, October 15th D.A.R.E, the Diversity in Academic Research Expo

RSVP by 10/06/21: 

Wednesday, November 3rd

7:00 PM

Not So Straight Sex Ed Online Event
Friday, May 13th

Awadgin Pratt performs Jesse Montgomery's Piano Concierto-


Pratt will return to Denver to perform Jessie Montgomery’s Piano Concerto at the Boettcher Concert Hall on May 13th. The piece was composed for Pratt for his forthcoming recording, STILLPOINT, for which CAM’s Associate Dean for Faculty & Student Affairs, Mark Rabideau serves as executive producer. Immediately following this performance, the fruit of the fall collaboration between Pratt and CAM will be on display at the Next Stage Gallery. 

King Center Concert Hall on the Auraria Campus
855 Lawrence Way
Denver, CO 80204


Hollaback Trainings

At Hollaback! we believe one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal to combat hate and racism has to do with what psychologists call, “common humanity.”  Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal cites the following two steps as key to unlocking our ability to see the humanity in others, “The first is to increase your awareness of other people’s suffering. The second is to be more open about yours.”  Social contact theory, originally developed in the 1950s and still upheld today, suggests that interpersonal contact, under the right conditions, reduces prejudice and bias among conflicting groups.  Recognizing the hostility and division permeating our present social dynamic, in this training Hollaback! helps facilitators build off of social contact theory to create a welcoming space for conversation across lines of difference. In this training facilitators will learn: 

- How to set the stage to facilitate open-hearted conversations around race
- Explore and learn how to create a conversational ‘container’ in which people can feel safe and connected to each other
- Tools for strategic facilitation that move groups away from watch-outs and instead towards collective healing and growth
- A framework for emotionally preparing to facilitate including tools for self-care and  examining personal power and privilege 

Upcoming Training

Date: October 1, 2021, Attend How to Facilitate Discussions on Race Hollaback 

Topic: CU Denver How to Facilitate Conversations About Race
Register in advance for this webinar:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 

Below is a suggested reading timeline:

October 2021 read and discuss chapters 1-3 

November 2021 read and discuss chapters 4, 5 

December 2021 read and discuss chapters 6, 7 

January 2022 read and discuss chapters 8, 9 

February 2022 read and discuss chapters 10-12 

March 2022 read and discuss chapters 13-15 

April 2022 read and discuss chapters 16-18 

End of April/Early May 2022: End of Reading Panel- Panel members will discuss what they've learned and how they plan to apply what they've learned and act. Participants will be encouraged to make pledges with check ins planned for 2022-23