Requirements for Economics Minor

Students wishing a minor in economics must take at least five courses (15 hours) as follows: 

  • ECON 2012, Principles of Macroeconomics (three credit hours) 
  • ECON 2022, Principles of Microeconomics (three credit hours) 
  • Three upper division courses in economics (nine credit hours) 
  • (ECON 3100, Economics of Race and Gender, is acceptable) 

Total 15 credits 

  • At least 3 upper division courses must be taken from CU Denver Economics faculty.
  • Only the equivalent of ECON 2012 and ECON 2022 can be transferred in from other institutions and be counted toward an Economics minor.
  • At least two of the upper division courses must not overlap with courses for the student's major program.
  • No grade below C- will be counted toward the minor requirements.