Chun-Chieh (James) Hu

Photo of Professor Hu
Chun-Chieh Hu, Ph.D. • Instructor

ICB Program

Areas of Expertise:
Public Economics, Labor Economics, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics

Ph.D., Economics, Syracuse University, 2014
M.S., Financial Engineering, Computational Finance Honors Track, New York University, 2008

Professor Hu has a Ph.D. in Economics with three years of experience conducting economic research on applied microeconomics topics as a full-time independent researcher at VCU’s School of Medicine and Colorado School of Public Health and two years of experience teaching on Econometrics, Statistical Theory, Statistics with Computer Applications, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Public Finance, Principle of Economics: Macroeconomics, Elementary Differential Equations, and Calculus III classes as a full-time independent instructor. His areas of specialization are Public Economics, Labor Economics, Health Economics, and Econometrics. Extensive experience coding in STATA, SAS, and R, working with large cross-sectional and longitudinal datasets including primary, secondary, and medical claims data, creating quasi-experimental research design from secondary data sources and having a solid grounding in economic theory. He has solid training and foundation to lead quantitative analysis, econometric model development, mathematical/economic modeling, and randomized control trial (RCT) evaluation research. He has strong skills in managing clinical and social research studies. His research findings are presented in the Econometric Society, American Economic Association, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, and American Society of Health Economists and invited seminars.

ECON 2012: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 3811: Statistics with Computer Applications
ECON 4210: Public Finance
ECON 4610: Labor Economics
ECON 4660: Health Economics
ECON 4811: Introduction to Econometrics
MATH 2421: Calculus III
MATH 3200: Elementary Differential Equations 
MATH 3382: Statistical Theory