Procedures for Becoming a Communication Major

  • To declare the intent to become a major, a student must complete the Major/Minor Change/Declaration form. The form is available from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Advising Office in North Classroom Room 1030.
  • Undergraduates must declare their intention to major in communication by the time they have completed 60 semester hours.

Maximum of 56 hours in Communication

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences allows students to take up to 56 hours from a single department. Therefore, after completion of the required 39 hours, students may take an additional 17 hours of Communication courses. Classes in excess of 56 hours will not count toward the 120 needed for the BA degree. At least 18 hours of the 39 hours required for the major must be taken from the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver.

Transfer Credits

Only 21 credit hours may be transferred toward the Communication major from other colleges and universities. To submit a request for transfer of credits, students should complete the Faculty Approval Form for Course Equivalency​​, which may be downloaded here or is available from the CLAS Advising Office in North Classroom Room 1030. Transferred communication classes must be approved by a Communication advisor and a college level advisor.

Additional Information

Additional information about the Communication degree may be obtained from undergraduate advisors Yvette Bueno-Olson, and e.j. Yoder,, both located in the Student Commons Building, 1201 Larimer Street.