International College Beijing (ICB)

photo of ICB students in Denver

International College Beijing (ICB) is an English-taught degree program with courses in both the U.S. and in Beijing. ICB was founded o​n April 20, 1995, as the result of a joint venture educational program between China Agricultural University and the University of Colorado Denver—one of the first bilateral educational programs authorized by the Chinese government. In the past few years, ICB has successfully established the Language Research and Training Center, the Media Library, the Multimedia Computer Lab and the Media Research Center.

ICB features an integrated learning environment for both American and Chinese students. Communication is one of two majors, along with economics, supported by ICB. Chinese students can earn a degree from UCD and spend time in Denver learning about U.S. culture. Denver students can earn degree credit while studying at ICB for one semester, an academic year or longer, thus experiencing the fastest growing economy in the world while gaining practical intercultural communication knowledge, skills and experience.

Study communication through the International College Beijing to:

  • Earn an American degree that is fully recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and employers worldwide.
  • Prepare for graduate school or a professional degree.
  • Practice English and communication skills both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.
  • Study alongside American students in Beijing, China or Denver, Colorado. 

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2nd Edition | May 2023

Additional Information

For more information about ICB, visit the International College Beijing web site, or contact Xia Xiong, ICB Program Coordinator, at

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