Tammy Stone

Photo of Tammy Stone
Ph.D., RPA • Retired, Professor
Department of Anthropology

Tammy Stone, Ph.D., R.P.A. is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver retired in 2023. She received her Ph.D. in Anthropology with a specialty in Archaeology from Arizona State University and her certification from the Register of Professional Archaeologist prior to coming to UCD. Stone has a distinguished record of teaching, research, and service and has served in numerous leadership positions on her campus including chairing Anthropology, as well as two departments that were placed in academic receivership by the college and as acting dean. Stone’s academic background is concentrated in archaeology, with particular emphasis on the identity and the dynamics of factionalism and alliance formation in communities in Southwestern Pueblos with a secondary interest in Higher Education Administration. Due to an upcoming retirement, I will not be accepting new graduate students after Fall 2021. 

R.P.A., Registered Professional Archaeologist (1999)

Ph.D., Arizona State University (1992)

M.A., Univeristy of Texas (1984)

B.A., Florida State University (1981)

Recent Books:

Scarre, Chris and Tammy Stone (2021)(editors) The Human Past Essentials.  Thames and Hudson, London.

Stone, Tammy (2020) Point of Pines Pueblo, a Mountain Mogollon Aggregated Community.  University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

Stone, Tammy (2018) A Pocket Guide to mentoring Higher Education Faculty: Making the Time, Finding the Resources. Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, MA.

Stone, Tammy (2015) Migration and Ethnicity in Middle Range Societies: a View from the Southwest. University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Stone, Tammy and Mary Coussons-Read (2011) Leading from the Middle: a Case-Study Approach to Academic Leadership for Associate Deans. American Council on Education series, Rowman and Littlefield.

Some recent articles:

Stone, Tammy (2023) Persistent Places and Socialized Landscapes in the Pine Lawn/Reserve region during the Pithouse Period.  Kiva 89:3347-369

Stone, Tammy (2019) Kayenta House Variability. In Social Networks in the American Southwest, edited by Karen Harry and Barbara Roth, pp. 151-176. University of Colorado, Boulder 

Stone, Tammy (2018) A Guide to the Use of Museum Collections for Archaeological Research. Advances in Archaeological Practices 6(4):372-376

Stone, Tammy (2018) Smudged Wares: the Importance of Color and Iridescence as a Long Lived Decorative Attribute in the Mogollon Highlands. Kiva 84:1-26.

Stone, Tammy (2016) Organizational Variability in Early Aggregated Communities in Middle-Range Societies: an Example from the Kayenta Region of the American Southwest.  American Antiquity 81:58-73

Stone, Tammy 2014  Integrating the Concept of Diverse Interest Groups into the Undergraduate Curriculum in Archaeology.  SAA Archaeological Record 14(1):36-39.

Gilman, Patricia A. and Tammy Stone (2013) The Role of Ritual Variability in Social Negotiations of Early Communities: Great Kiva Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in the Mogollon Region of the North American
Southwest. American Antiquity 78:607-623.

Stone, Tammy (2013) Kayenta Ritual Structures from A.D. 1100-1300.  Kiva 78:177-206.

Stone, Tammy and William Lipe (2011) Standing Out vs. Blending in: Pueblo Migrations and Ethnic Marking. In Changing Histories, Landscapes, and Perspectives: The 20thAnniversary Southwest Symposium, edited by Margaret Nelson, pp. 277-298.  University of Colorado, Niowt.

Stone, Tammy, Kathleen Bollard and Jon Harbor (2009) Launching Interdisciplinary Programs as Signature Areas: a Case Study from the University of Colorado Denver.  Innovative Higher Education 34(5): 321-329.

Stone, Tammy (2009) Room Function and Room Suites in late Mogollon Pueblo Sites.  Kiva 75: 63-86.

Stone, Tammy (2009) Departments in Academic Receivership: Possible Causes and Solutions.  Innovative Higher Education 33(4):229-238

Stone, Tammy (2008) Social Innovation and Transformation during the Process of Aggregation.  In Cultural Transformation and Archaeology: Issues and Case Studies, edited by Michael O'Brien and Todd VanPool, pp. 158-163.   Society for American Archaeology, Washington, D.C.

Stone, Tammy (2005) Factional Formation and Community Dynamics in Middle-Range Societies. In Nonlinear Modeling for Archaeology and Anthropology: Continuing the Revolution, edited by W. Baden and C. Beekman, pp. 79-93.  Ashgate Press, London.

Stone, Tammy (2005) Late Period Pithouses in the Point of Pines Region of Arizona.  Kiva70:273-292.

Stone, Tammy (2003) Social Identity and Ethnic Interaction in the Western Pueblos of the American Southwest.  Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 10:31-67.

ANTH 1302 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 2102 Culture and the Human Experience (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology) 

ANTH 3301 World Prehistory

ANTH 3320 Southwestern Archaeology 

ANTH 4050/5053 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology

ANTH 4390 Archaeological Lab Methods 

ANTH 4330/5330 Lithic Analysis 

ANTH 6307 Contemporary Perspectives in American Archaeology 

ANTH 6317Archaeological Research Design and Analysis