Jean Scandlyn

Jean Scandlyn
Ph.D. • Clinical Professor
Department of Anthropology

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Jean Scandlyn, PhD, is Research Associate Professor in the Departments of Anthropology and Health and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Colorado, downtown Denver campus. A medical anthropologist, her research interests focus on adolescence and early adulthood, migration and health care in American society, and global health with a focus on South America. Jean has completed a variety of community-based studies using qualitative methods and, with colleague Sarah Hautzinger and students at Colorado College and UCD has just completed an ethnographic study of the effects of multiple deployments on soldiers, their families, and the community of Colorado Springs. As a Fulbright scholar, she led collaborative workshops on qualitative research methods with staff of health-related non-governmental organizations in Bolivia and has served as a consultant on health-related qualitative research projects in Botswana and Guatemala. With Dr. John Brett in the Department of Anthropology she has led field schools on research methods in health in rural Ecuador and Guatemala.

1993 Ph.D. Columbia University, Anthropology

1989 M.Phil. Columbia University, Anthropology

1987 M.A. Columbia University, Anthropology

1985 M.S.N. University of California San Francisco, International and Cross-Cultural Nursing

1978 B.S.N. Columbia University, Nursing

1975 B.A. Middlebury College, Religion

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Theoretical Perspectives in Health and Behavioral Sciences I

Introduction to Public Health

Perspectives in Global Health (co-taught with Dr. Sheana Bull from the Colorado School of Public Health)

Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Medical Sociology

Field Experience in Sustainable Development and Health in Guatemala

Field Experience in Sustainable Development and Health in Ecuador

Health, Culture, and Society

Human Migration: Nomads, Sojourners, and Settlers

Culture of Development and Globalization

Culture and the Human Experience

Cultural Diversity in the Modern World