Give to Anthropology

The Anthropology Department at the University of Colorado Denver provides entry to a variety of careers in archaeology, education, community service, public health, public administration, development, and international affairs and business. The program affords students a variety of opportunities for research and field work, giving a hands-on experience to the future social scientists of our time. And as the population on the planet expands there is an ever-increasing demand for greater understanding of human cultures and societies. CU Denver's Anthropology faculty are meeting this challenge, just one example: Dr. Sarah Horton is involved in researching how transitions in the U.S. healthcare system are effecting Mexican citizens and Mexico's health care, and her research has been cited in numerous academic journals as well as the New York Times.

Anthropology Department Fund – Supports the Department of Anthropology.

Anthropology Scholarship Fund - Provides scholarships for Anthropology students and for academic and travel expenses at the University of Colorado Denver.

Tanzania Field School Scholarship Fund - Donations help to fund learning experiences offered by The Tanzania Field School in Anthropology.

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