Published: Aug. 11, 2021

To increase awareness of CLAS Staff contributions within our college CLAS Staff Council is moving to spotlight our colleagues regularly in the Deans’ Notes – CLAS Faculty and Staff Newsletter. Don’t be surprised if we reach out wanting more information from you!

Below are some of the Staff we've highlighted so far!

Carol Achziger – Grants Development Coordinator

Carol Achziger has served as the CU Denver CLAS Grants Development Coordinator since February of 2009, where she assists faculty in the college with submitting grant applications and the development of contracts. Achziger says she enjoys her work at CLAS because “...of the diversity of thought, activities, and great people...This is a fun, compassionate, a bit competitive and diverse place to work. Never a dull moment!” Carol is most proud every time someone is awarded a grant proposal that she has assisted with.

Prior to coming to CU Denver, Achziger worked in a school district in northern Utah where she established relationships with multiple agencies for an afterschool program that still runs to this day. She also ran the program’s day-to-day administration ­– writing and submitting grant proposals, as well as helping to create and provide training. Achziger says, “The fact that those after-school programs and relationships are still intact is a huge accomplishment.”

Achziger often juggles multiple projects with overlapping deadlines and she does it all with “grace and confidence” says Stephanie Santorico, CLAS Interim Associate Dean for Research and Creative Activities. “Carol navigates the maze of federal agency documents, websites, and unique foundation processes on behalf of our faculty so they are able to focus on their research.”

Colleague Elizabeth Lee notes that Achziger can, “quote policy (and translate it for the rest of us!) while still being approachable. [She helps] those she works with to understand the bigger picture...Carol is an incredible inspiration to me and I am so fortunate to call her a colleague and friend.”

In addition to her work, Achziger commits significant time, effort, and energy to her church, her family, and her community. Stephanie Santorico mentions that “Carol constantly impresses me with her commitment to serving others and drive to make the world a better place. She always treats others with respect and sets an example of compassion and volunteerism. Carol can be counted on to go above and beyond the call of duty."

Carol Achziger is an asset to CLAS, to CU Denver, and to the community at large. We are fortunate to have Carol in our diverse, talented, and caring Lynx community

Esteban Loetz – Psychology Professional Research Assistant

Esteban Loetz has been a Professional Research Assistant (PRA) in the Psychology Department for the past seven years and has contributed to research advances in the three behavioral neuroscience labs.

Loetz says, “An amazing aspect about my current position is that I continually get to learn new laboratory techniques…I’m constantly being challenged.”

One of the accomplishments Esteban is most proud of was collaborating in the development of a chemogenetic experimental design that brought advanced neurobiology techniques to our campus.

Courtney Bouchet, a Graduate Student that worked with Esteban notes he “is the kind of person that everyone wants to work with… I have learned so much from Esteban, like lab and time management skills and various experimental techniques; but I think the most important thing I have learned from [him] is how to make a work environment fun and inviting.”

Benjamin Greenwood, Associate Professor of Psychology and one of Esteban’s supervisors remarked that “Esteban has a passion for science and is an excellent role model. He performs time-consuming, technically difficult experiments with enthusiasm. He never tires of teaching new lab members how to perform difficult techniques. Most impressively, new lab members seem to be imbued with Esteban’s positive attitude in addition to the skills being taught. We are very lucky to have Esteban working with us.”

Esteban’s fun-loving approach to work, dedication for scientific research and his quests for innovative lab techniques set him apart. The department of Psychology, CLAS and the Lynx Community are fortunate to have Esteban Loetz as part of our team.