With an interdisciplinary focus, Religious Studies integrates topics from history, philosophy, literature, art, political science, and even the pure sciences. The minor in Religious Studies is designed to foster a nuanced understanding of religious phenomena, and to cultivate critical skills. The Individually Structured Major offers students the opportunity to delve deeply into the study of religion and build a foundation for careers with a spiritual dimension.

Career Potential

A preparation in Religious Studies is an excellent basis for continuing on to graduate school in any number of fields, such as religious studies itself, literature, art, history, social and political science, anthropology, and others. Students sometimes proceed to seminary programs from CU Denver, armed with critical methodologies that will help them become discerning, well-informed scholars. The Minor in Religious Studies is a good basis for careers in academia, the pastoral field, counseling, education, ethics, law, library science, editing and publishing.

UDC’s recent merger with HSC is allowing us to expand in the direction of health science as well. We are developing programs that feature a health science component which will directly contribute toward careers in non-traditional complementary and alternative medicine and nursing. Our courses will provide a grounding in the non-Western philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions that underlie the field of alternative medicine. These new initiatives will also lead to expanded course offerings in Quantum Physics and Spirituality, Cosmological Studies and other exciting areas on the cutting edge of the emerging paradigm shift.


Students should contact the Director of the Program, Sharon L. Coggan via email 
(sharon.coggan@ucdenver.edu) for any questions involving academic requirements.