*Photo credit: Nicolas de Camaret, Carnival 2014 at the Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Religious Studies at CU Denver is a program within Interdisciplinary Studies. Faculty from multiple departments across the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including History, Philosophy, English, Art, Ethnic Studies, Political Science, and Communication, contribute courses to engage students in a broad range of degrees as well as a Religious Studies minor. CU Denver’s Religious Studies’ strengths lie in offering courses on transnational and under-represented religions, in both historical and contemporary settings. Highlighting connections to our diverse, urban student body, we value opportunities to expand students’ awareness and understanding of practices and traditions that have shaped global communities through religious diasporas; to explore the ways in which religion plays a role in grounding regional identities; and to analyze the tools through which people define the complex and interwoven layers of belonging in religious, social, and political communities.

Why Choose a Minor in Religious Studies?

A minor centered on questioning and reflecting on issues that orient us as much in the twenty-first century as they have throughout history, Religious Studies offers a complementary area of study for students interested in any number of fields.  Students interested in Philosophy and Ethics, Medicine and Health, Politics and Law, and Social Work and Social Justice all will find a Religious Studies minor a useful complement to their major degree.  Students majoring in completely separate degrees such as the hard sciences, engineering, and pre-med and nursing may also enjoy the freedom to explore Religious Studies as a field of study for their own interests.  A minor is a valuable way to add a significant study area to a degree that is a personal, rather than a directly professional, interest.


Students should contact the Director of the Program, Alison Shah via email 
( for any questions involving academic requirements.