Research Assistant Opportunity

Dr. Beth Allen in the Department of Psychology at the University of Colorado Denver is now accepting applications for research assistants in the Relationship Studies Lab. Current projects in the lab include studies on military couple relationships and mental health, and studies on general couple functioning and sexual health/infidelity. If participating for credit (Psyc 4880, Directed Research), students are required to commit to 10 hours a week. If you are volunteering for the project, the hours are more flexible. Project responsibilities are varied but may include: 

  • Reading about Dr. Allen’s current studies and study procedures.
  • Completing, proofing, and converging measurement and data entry across hard copy, Qualtrics, SPSS, Excel and Word sources. 
  • Organizing documentation of study methods and materials.
  • Targeted literature searches and summaries.
  • Supporting technical aspects of disseminated research (e.g., tables and charts, bibliographies, poster production)
  • Participating in regular meetings with Dr. Allen and/or the research team.
  • Completing trainings as needed, such as HIPAA and Human Subjects.
  • If new investigations, supporting all aspects (IRB, participant protocols, data collection)
  • Coding couple interactions
  • If receiving course credit, completing a targeted literature review on a topic related to the research area OR if receiving EUReCA! funding, completing an investigation and poster on an original research idea that can be presented at RACAS (Research and Creative Activities day Spring semester).

These experiences will provide exposure to the research process and the literature in this area, as well as providing opportunities to learn various research tools.

To be eligible, you need to have a declared major or minor that is consistent with the project (subject to approval by Dr. Allen and a CLAS Associate Dean) and a minimum CU GPA of 3.0. It is preferred that applicants have completed a research methods/statistics course.

If you register for Psyc 4880, this is a credited course for which you will receive 3 hours of credit, and be graded; please see your advisor about how this would fit into your major and elective structure. Registration is an individual process with Dr. Allen; we submit paperwork to the Dean to get you signed up (you do not register through SMART). Dr. Allen does not have funding to pay students working in the lab directly. However, there is a possibility of getting work-study funding for your work in the lab through the EUReCA! program.  Please reach out to EUReCA! to learn more about the steps involved and your eligibility. If you would prefer that this be a non-credit volunteer experience, rather than a course, please indicate that on the application. If you are a volunteer, hours are negotiable.

Interested students are encouraged to visit Dr. Allen’s lab website. To apply, please complete the application below. Once you have completed the application, there will be an interview process to further determine whether this opportunity is a good fit for you. If you have questions, email Dr. Allen at

Research Assistant Application

Faculty: Elizabeth Allen

Research Project: Relationship Studies Lab


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Please list clinical experiences, life experiences, research experiences, or courses that you have completed that you think relevant to this research experience (e.g., military background, research methods, couples related coursework, prior lab work):

Are you planning on applying to graduate school? If so, in what area?

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