Why Study Abroad?

Why not study abroad is the better question.


CU Denver students can earn degree credit while studying in Beijing for one semester, an academic year or longer, thus experiencing the fastest growing economy in the world while gaining practical intercultural communication knowledge, skills, and experience.

While in Greece students participate in the course PHIL 3995 - Gods, Giants, and Philosophers (a 3-credit course). Daily Lectures with fieldwork, museums, archaeological sites, ancient greek language courses, and more…!

In Berlin, students participate in the course PHIL 4510/5510 - Philosophy of Nature (a 3-credit course).  Other courses being offered are PSCI 4286/5286 - International Relations: War or Peace, PSCI 4365/5365 - Global Ecological Crisis, PSCI 4085/5085 - Comparative Governance: Environment and Society, and PSCI 3939 - Internship (optional) with Berlin Ecological Institute.

All three programs support student efforts towards major and minor completion.

If you have any questions please feel free to visit us or reach out to our Department.

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