Darryl Mehring

Darryl Mehring, Ph.D.
Senior Instructor, PhD

Office: Plaza 113A

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
P.O. Box 173364
Campus Box 179
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical Location:
955 Lawrence St.
Plaza Building, Room M108

Office Hours for Spring 2024:

Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30-1:45pm, or by appointment

Expertise Areas: Logic and Language, History of Ethics, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Death and Dying


Education & Degrees

Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1998.
M.A., Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1977.
B.S., Psychology and Philosophy, Southern Colorado State College, 1973.

Selected Publications

"Elements of Spinoza's Ethical Geometry: A Companion to The Ethics," with Barbara Hoagland. Published 1998 by Ikon Office Solutions Inc.

Courses Taught

Couse Descriptions Can Be Found Here

PHIL 1111: The Philosophy of Consciousness (Freshman Seminar)
PHIL 1012: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1020: Introduction to Ethical Reasoning
PHIL 2441: Logic, Language and Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 3150: History of Ethics
PHIL 3022: Modern Philosophy
PHIL 3550: Philosophy of Death and Dying
PHIL 4700: Spinoza (Seminar)