Lisle, Brian
Senior Instructor, PhD

Office: Plaza M108K

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
P.O. Box 173364
Campus Box 179
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Physical Location:
955 Lawrence St.
Plaza Building, Room M108

Expertise Areas: History of philosophy, Ethics, Existentialism, Sartre, Husserl, 19th/20th century Continental philosophy

Ph.D., Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago, 2008.
M.A., Philosophy, University of Denver, 1995.
B.A., Philosophy and Anthropology, University of Kansas, 1991.

PHIL 3150: Ethics
PHIL 3250: Business Ethics
PHIL 2441: Language, Logic and Persuasion
PHIL 3500: Ideology and Culture: Racism and Sexism 
PHIL 1012: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1111: Seminar: Philosophy as Love of Wisdom
PHIL 3440: Introduction to Logic
PHIL 4600: Philosophy of Religion
SJUS 2000: Democratic Participation and Social Justice
PHIL 4853: Existentialism (upcoming: spring 2015)