Student Internships with Community Organizations

New Directions offers an opportunity for students to work at a non-profit organization. Any New Directions student who is interested in non-profit organizations can apply for this internship, and a selected student for the internship will receive a scholarship of $7,000 to work 10-12 hours a week for a non-profit organization for nine months, or two semesters ( for instance, Fall and Spring semester). New Directions offers a scholarship of $7,000 which will cover a year's course work. The funding of $7,000 is offered by a partnership between New Directions and a partner organization as any interested non-profit organization will match $3,500 to get a student intern. Anyone who is interested in working for a non-profit should consider this student internship opportunity and each community partner can vary every year. Currently, we have various organizational partners who seek interns from New Directions. 

"Through my participation in the New Directions Program, I have had the opportunity to be a DOLA Best and Brightest Intern in the City of Idaho Springs, as well as an intern at the Urban Land Conservancy in Denver. These internships provided me with an opportunity to partially finance my education and living expenses while pursuing my Master's Degree, all while providing me with real-world experience to put what I am learning to practice. I can truly say that participating in my internships has provided me with a Tool Set that I will use for the rest of my professional career." -Jonathan Cain, Current MA student

Some of our partners include: Urban Land Conservancy, El Centro Humanitario, Westwood Unidos. 

If you are part of a community organization interested in hosting one of our students, please contact