New Directions Program Specializations


Our curriculum is built around enhancing public leadership, civic engagement, and community development skills. Some of our courses include: Public Policy and
Leadership, Community Organizing and Development, Budgetary Politics, Social Economies Strategies, and Organizational Change Agents .

Our program is structured around three general tracks of study.  Students may choose to focus their studies around any one of these three tracks.  Students will taking specialized seminars in the area, will conduct faculty-guided independent research in their chosen area, and will provided opportunities for field internship placements and community-based action-research projects of direct relevance to a governmental or community partner.

1 . Local Government Leadership

  • Salaried Internships in Small and Rural Government Jurisdictions Across Colorado:  $42,000 in Salary and Benefits per Year
  • Network with City and County Officials and Benefit from Structured Mentorship Program of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs
  • Take Courses in Public Leadership, Policy Analysis, Budgetary Politics and Organizational Change

2.  Community Organizing & Development

  • Funded Research and Internships Available in Local Non-Profits and Community-Basesd Organizations
  • Conduct Action-Research and Participant-Observation Civic Engagement on Social Justice Issues
  • Take Courses in Non-Profit Politics, Labor Issues, and Achieving Growth With Equity

3.    Social Economy Innovations

  • Enjoy Direct Engagement and Networking with Social Economy and Labor Leaders
  • Study and Engage Innovative Economic Alternatives like Worker Cooperatives and DIY Networks
  • Courses in Worker Cooperatives, Alternative Economic Theory and the Solildarity Economy