New Directions Director: Steve DelCastillo

The New Directions Program is a leadership program offering an MA in applied Political Science through the Political Science Department at the University of Colorado Denver. The program focuses on developing leaders to serve in several venues, such as public agencies, community-based organizations, public policy organizations, and labor movement organizations.


New Directions delivers its program through a Weekend Program format. This provides flexibility for working professionals and others desiring an intensive program delivery method.


Also, the instructors are practitioners in their respective fields. This provides students with exposure to the practical issues and strategies employed by those in the field.


New Directions currently offers three programmatic tracks:

  • Local Governance Track focused on public agencies and public policy organizations
  • Labor and Community Organizing focused on developing leadership for organizations such as labor unions, labor advocacy groups, and community-based organizations
  • Social Economy Track focused on understanding current political-economic systems and their impact on issues such inequality and social disparities. Furthermore, this track provides strategies for developing alternative economic methods for working with diverse and marginalized communities.


All New Directions classes offer three components:

  • Relevant content related to the respective discipline
  • Requisite qualitative and quantitative tools for conducting appropriate analytical and conceptual methods
  • Strategies including methods for strategic thinking and analyses