If you already have instructions from your instructor or a FAST Consultant, skip this first step:

Before considering ArcPro, please know this software only runs on a Windows OS, available on a PC or on a dual boot on a Mac computer.

To get access to ArcPro software, please e-mail FAST@ucdenver.edu from your university-affiliated e-mail address with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The college and department in which you are enrolled
  • The intended use of the license: e.g. a specific class (please include specific class) or thesis project

Upon approval, we will reply with an e-mail that contains a link to download the software and our Enterprise login information.

Supplemental material:

Remember, all ArcPro login uses the Enterprise login which calls for your UCD username and password.

ESRI ArcGIS Pro enterprise login option

Download, install, and licensing time depends on your internet speed, but typically takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Consult the following tutorial for an overview of installation onto a Windows 10 PC:

*** Please note some specific screens may look different depending on your operating system and internet browser, but the mechanics are the same **